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Welcome to the Junior Arboga Open July 3-6 2019

 Arboga FK hereby invites you to the Junior Arboga Open, combined with Swedish Nationals in Gliding for Juniors(age of 15-25years), JSM. The competition is held on Arboga Airfiled, a few km outside the center of Arboga. The competition area extends from northern Östergötland via Bergslagen to the southern part of Dalarna. The main part of the competition area are open G-class airspace.

 Competition Rules

According to SHB Art 733.


The rules are under revision, where the most important changes are expected to reduce the number of days of competition and to reduce the minimum number of participants for a valid Swedish Championship.


There will be 6-8 beds indoors and a camping for caravan/camper or tent.

Costs for accommodation: SEK 100/night (indoor), SEK 50 / night for caravan or tent.

There are several option to rent cabins or rooms at hostels in the vicinity of the airfield.

 Training camp

From Saturday - Tuesday (June 29 - July 2), a training camp for juniors is arranged. The Training camp is open for all juniors independently of participation in the competition.


The serving will be coordinated with the junior camp. Our Nordic guests are offered to participate in the meals at cost price.


Registration can be done on Arboga Open website via the link below:


Direct link to the registration form:


 The registration fee is SEK 1000. The fee covers all operational cost excluding towing for both the training and the competition as wells as  closing dinner on Saturday 3 July.

 The registration fee is paid to Arboga FK pg 295010 – 3 or via international bank transferee to IBAN: SE07 9500 0099 6034 0295 0103 SWIFT: NDEASESS.

The payment has to be received to Arboga FK account no later than June 1, 2019. Don't forget to enter the name of the participant pilot!

The towing is expected to cost SEK 295 (towing height 700m). The price may be adjusted depending on the daily price of gasoline and the cost of renting towing planes.


Information is updated continuously on Arboga Junior Open's website. Local rules will be published on the website by the end of March.

 We wish to send information by e-mail, so do not forget to enter your e-mail address in the registration form.

 Wondering about anything please feel free to contact

Competition Manager Mats Lundqvist, mobile 0766-485723

e-mail: This is a mailto link, or project manager Lars Jauring, mobile 0703-336870, e-mail: This is a mailto link,

 Arboga FK is a small but very active club. We have a large field with very good surroundings for cross country flying. The proximity to the Bergslags forests with good thermal conditions and the many fields on the way to the area and "home" make the flight fun and safe regardless of the weather.

 Arboga Flygklubb has arranged competitions such as regionals and nationals for many years. In 2011, the club hosted the Women's World Gliding Championship. 44 participants from the major nations of gliding competed for the World Champion title in Arboga. The club's latest event was the Arboga Open 2017 which was also the Swedish Nationals in 18m and Club.

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