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Live Trackning

Regarding tracking:The competition does not officially has live tracking of the competitors.

However are the OGN-trackning in operation and it partially coverage of the competition area. All gliders with flarm will be visible live at
or in the flightradar app.

- Non registered FLARMs on the OGN will be assigned a unique code for each days.
- Registred FLARMS on the OGN will be visible with registration and/or competition number. Registration can be done at: http://ddb.glidernet.org/
- Pilots who wish not to been track att all should activate the "non-trackning parameter" in their flarm.

Please read more at: http://wiki.glidernet.org/opt-in-opt-out

Uppdaterad: 14 SEP 2016 16:10 Skribent: Per Carlin

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